Fixture kit for Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

ATQ offers a range of modular fixtures for use with Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).

The VMM fixture kit offers unique fixturing solution for clamping varies components being measured on the vision measurement machine. users can have continuous & fast clamping for components. largely increase the repeatability of fixturing & saving the cost for developing special fixture for components.

Users do not need any extra tool to assemble the fixture kit component on the base plate, using the components flexibly, ensures the clamping force & lower the deformation.

The ATQ METRO fixture kit is offering L type magnetic fast positioning block, which increase the flexibility of loading & unloading the base plate.

The base plate is including M4 screw holes, the acrylic material for the base plate are carefully selected, ensures the best flatness. All the components in the Kit are with oxidation surface processing, which is anti scratch & losing color.

Each base plate is ensure for fine flatness, it will not influence the light path from the contour light illumination, keeps the image of the measuring part clear & without any deformation during the measuring process.

CMM Fixture Kit