Inspection Services

When you are a manufacturer of high-end metal, plastic or composite components or assemblies, ATQ Inspection services may be the answer.

ATQ METRO in-house metrology facilities support 2D/3D dimensional inspection services for parts used in aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and many more industries. ATQ utilizes multiple contact and vision systems to provide accurate, precise measurements. These measurements include

  • Contract Inspection
    Utilizing Engineering Drawings or CAD model data, we have the ability to measure complex parts using GD&T or standard dimensioning formats. We then provide a comprehensive, easy to understand inspection report with a detailed road map.
  • Dimensional Inspection
    Our Dimensional Inspection Services can be utilized over a variety of industries ranging from automotive through aerospace and electronics. Our wide variety of measurement technologies allow us to measure just about any component from something the size of a microchip to equipment as large as an airplane.
  • Reverse Engineering
    By scanning existing components or tools we create engineering models that can be exported to CAD. This can be quickly and accurately achieved in the data gathering stage by using either laser scanners or white light technology.
  • 3D Scanning
    Our wide array of 3D scanners are able to accurately scan most parts presented to us regardless of how small or large they are.
  • Tooling Verification
  • Customized Solutions
    Are you buried in work? Is your VMM Operator on holiday? Regardless of the reason, we can provide solutions. From staffing to equipment rental we can create a solution.